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Bearkit application by TwilightLuv10
Bearkit application
||Basic Information||
Name: Coco
Previous~Names: Bearkit
Reason For Prefix: her chocolate colored fur
Reason For Sufix:
Gender: She-cat
Orientation: Straight
Breed: Russian blue, Snowshoe mix
Age: 5 moons
Position: Kitty-pet
Lives: 1/1
Family: Mother - Snowstep X Father - Blue
Sisters - ??? Brothers - Bluekit, Jasperkit, Wolfkit, & Ravenkit
Sons - ???? Daughters - ????
Theme Song(s): 

||Character Information||
Soft-spoken | Kind | Curious | non-violent

History/Bio: Born as a halfclan kit, when they were old enough her mother gave her & her brothers a choice, stay kittypets or become warriors. Bearkit(her previous name) chose to stay a kitty pet mostly do to her non violent nature, not to mention she adores twolegs. But her brothers chose to become clan cats, which was fine with her she'd just visit with her parents from time to time, refusing to sever her bonds with her brothers.

||Mate/Relationship Status||
Current Mate: 
Past Mate(s):
Searching For...
Bullet; Red Searching for a Mate
Bullet; Green Neutral
Bullet; Red Not Interested
Prefers: Someone kind, who'll not judge her family, & will love her truly
Dislikes: Crude, mean, jealous, over protective

||Relationships Information||
Bullet; Purple Family
Black Rose Dead
Star! Mentor/Apprentice
Heart Mate
Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red Despises
Bullet; RedBullet; Red Loathes
Bullet; Red Hate
Bullet; Black Unsure
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Distrust/Discomfort/Fear
Bullet; White Acquaintance
Bullet; Yellow Respect
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow Admire
Bullet; Orange Irritating/Annoying
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Jealous of
Bullet; Blue Likes
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friends
Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue Best Friends
Bullet; Pink Crush/Attraction
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink More than crush
Rose Love





 That's my mother

 He's my second eldest brother, I have a large amount of respect for him

 My eldest brother, & my best friend

 One of my other brothers

 Another one of my brothers, I often feel very safe around him, maybe it's because he looks so much like daddy


SakuraBullet; Purple
She's my Auntie, & I love her!

 My daddy, & my bestest friend, I can always count on him when I need advice!

||Roleplay Information/Example||
Coco sat peacefully on the fence surrounding her twolegs yard smiling with her eyes closed peacefully as wind blew through her fur, making the golden bell on her collar(aka twoleg mark) twinkle beautifully

Roleplay availability
✔/✘ Notes | -- Of course
✔/✘ Skype | -- Please no
✔/✘ Chats | --No please
✔/✘ Comments | -- Alright
Roleplay ratings
✔/✘ G/PG | --Sure
✔/✘ PG-13 | --Sure
✔/✘ M | -- Sure
                Fashionista!Reader X Hetalia~!<3

     (C/N)= country name
     (H/c)= hair color
     (E/c)= eye color
    (F/a)= favorite animal
     (F/c)= favorite color


(C/n) stood in front of her bedroom mirror looking at herself in the Hetalia Academy uniform, when she first saw it she couldn't help squealing happily at how cute it was, but after having the feeling something was missing she started to stare, trying to figure out what she need before snapping her fingers and putting on some cute accessories, some dangly rose earring hung in her ears, a cute moon clip holding back (h/c) bangs, & a rose choker on her neck. She glanced at herself again & nodded in approval before looking at the clock, her eyes widened when she saw what time it was and cried out "oh no! I'll be late!" Grabbing her (f/a) backpack she ran out of her apartment & ran to school, just barely making it before the big gates closed. Leaning over trying to catch her breath she was startled when a pink poster hit her face, removing it she looked at it and it read "Fashion club, looking for new members!" a big grin spread across the girls face as she exclaimed "Omg! I totally gotta join this club after class!" But she was interrupted by the bell, letting out a squeak she ran to class.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Like, this awesome time skip is brought to you by like Poland and stuff!~~~~~~~

(C/n) wandered down the hall a skip in her step as she walked towards the home ec room where the "Fashion club" was held upon walking inside she found herself face to face with a blond boy wearing the girls uniform whom of which exclaimed "Omg it's like (c/n)! Are you here to like join the club?" A smile spread itself on the girls face "Like totally Poland!" Making the Polish boy smile back(note; You & Poland have been friends for like, ever). Afterthe introductions with the other club members (c/n) happily got to work designing her first outfit in the fashion club.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ve, another timeskip~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A few days later you were walking to your locker before heading to club. You'd become rather popular shortly after designing your first epic design in the fashion club, people were always asking you to make them clothes or asking for advice and other stuff like that. Stopping at your locker you were surprised to find a (f/c) rose with a note taped on your locker, curiously you removed both & opened the note which said.........
Fashionista!Reader X Hetalia
Hi guys! This is my very first x reader, I'm super excited & nervous.. so please excuse any mistakes & don't be too harsh please? Cause I'm kinda sensitive. Anyway! I hope you enjoy!:heart:

List of Countries~

 America- unfinished
England- unfinished
France- unfinished
Germany unfinished
Japan- unfinished
Italy- unfinished
Romano- unfinished
Spain- unfinished
Prussia unfinished
Canada- unfinished
China unfinished
Russia- unfinished
Greece- unfinished
Poland- unfinished

Hetalia@ Hidekazu Himaruya
You@ you
Cloudedhearts death by TwilightLuv10
Cloudedhearts death
Warning; blood

This is a redo of an old picture.... kinda...

Cloudheart(the dead one) along with her brother Sky(the white & black black tabby) were Frostfeather's first litter, after cloudheart's death, her brother left Shadowclan & became a loner, meanwhile their mother got depressed before having Dashingwind & Mouseheart.…
Assignment part 3 by TwilightLuv10
Assignment part 3
Cobrastar belongs to :iconlucidenord:
Snowstep & art belongs to me

Finally done~!


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My official Japanese name is 小松 Komatsu (little pine tree) 千秋 Chiaki (very fine in autumn)
according to this--->…

I'm a little blond, with a shy,Bubbly, & kind personality

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